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duct cleaning


OSHA claims poor indoor air quality can cause fatigue, and eye, nose, and/or throat irritation.


...and why it is so important.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the average home accumulates about 40 pounds of dust per year and you may see this manifest in your home in a number of ways:

  • You are dusting more frequently than usual

  • You notice unusual odors when your HVAC system comes on

  • There is visible dust buildup on your vent grills

  • You observe streaking or black marks around your vent grills

  • You or any family members begin to suffer from allergies or respiratory issues within the confines of your home

If you are seeing any accumulation of dust, it may indicate the need for an expert air duct cleaning which Fabulous Homes Heating & Air can provide. We restore heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to its optimum performance by eliminating built-up dust, pet dander, and other natural allergens.


The National Air Duct Cleaners Association suggests that a complete ventilation system cleaning should be made every 3-5 years but should be considered more frequent when a customer has pets, occupants with asthma, allergies, cigarette or cigar odor, dust from home renovation projects, or water damage to the home or HVAC system.  During an air duct cleaning, we follow standard cleaning procedures. This procedure requires an entire HVAC system be put under a reverse pressure while a HVAC technician loosens all contaminants in each vent. The contaminants are removed by applying reverse pressure through an enclosed system to ensure no debris enters into your home. 

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